If you’re any good at all, you know you can be better.

Dynamic dashboards

Using dynamic dashboards you have all the information you need at the tips of your fingers. In a user friendly way you can observe live how your network is performing, how are your campaigns doing, a number of important financial figures and much more

Enhance your social media presence

Boost your social media presence effectively. You can activate automated check-ins to your venue with a predefined message. All users log in through major social services (Facebook, Google+, Linked) allowing us to capture key information in the process.

Serve multiple Ad Types

Our platform allows serving of ads in multiple numerous interactive formats (video, splash page etc.) that capture a variety of digital marketing strategies. With our easy-to-use ad creator you can design your ad within seconds, set your action button and re-direction link as well as connect your ads with Google analytics.

Ad Serving

Control efficiently your campaigns with a built-in campaign manager within the platform.

  • Programmatic ad targeting: done easy by offering innovative features. You can schedule start and end date of your campaigns
  • Demographic targeting: done across 26 demographic characteristics including age, gender, language, interests
  • Location targeting: simply constructed by tagging location categories
  • Device targeting by use of smart phone Smartphone or tablet
  • Time and day slot targeting in order to capture your ideal audience

Marketing tools

Freee offers a set of powerful marketing tools. We have democratized the ability to create high quality targeted campaigns for your desired audiences and deliver customized offers for your clients. Currently we offer email and viral coupon marketing campaigns.

  • Taking email marketing to the next level. We guarantee 99% of emails sent through our platform will reach their target! Our differentiating factor is that we provide: readymade email templates, the ability to do demographic targeting and cost optimization. We give you the option of importing your own list, submission schedule, delivery reporting and we have automated financing and invoicing so you always know the cost/return dynamics of your campaign.


High-end "data excavation" engine provides precise analytics for your network.

  • Find out what is your network's status at any given time and diagnostics in the rare case of failures
  • Observe a clear map of your customers' behaviors
  • Develop a detailed demographics decomposition view
  • Follow marketing indicators such as the click through rate of your campaign
  • Monitor your marketing campaign results to better target your customers while reducing costs
  • Make data work for you with a Freee’s data analytics agent helping you understand and squeeze all that juice!