Freee, your wifi partner


Whether you are small business owner, a telecom provider or hot spot operator Freee’s partner platform got you covered!

With more than 5,000 hot spots worldwide deployed we know exactly to turn your need into a profitable wifi business model.

Deploy, manage and monetize your wifi network within seconds! Live analytics and finance provided so you can control your entire network at your fingertips!

Platform offers a seamless user experience for all three audiences (admin, client, affiliate).


Freee provides a turnkey solution for you as a partner. Get your cloud partner account within seconds and start deploying your Wi-Fi network. Control your entire network of live connections, customer database, ad designer, campaign manager, live finance information, and many more features. Just describe your Wi-Fi needs and we will transform them to a win win solution. We have designed a flexible platform able to be deployed in a variety of industries with 3 different business approaches

  1. Deploy your own Wi-Fi advertising network and provide a “Guest Wi-Fi” solution to retailers.(Solution overview)
  2. Revitalize and start monetizing your existing Wi-Fi network inside a large venue (i.e. shopping mall, retail store chains etc.) (Solution overview)
  3. Enhance the products and services offering as telecom operator (Solution overview)

Becoming a partner with Freee gets you, 24/7 technical support, state-of-the-art trainings, real time sales consultancy and many more tools to ensure your success based on our experience.

Small – Medium Venue

Provide a personalized "Guest wifi" experience for your audience.
If you operate a single wi-fi hotspot in a store or office and provide “Guest Wi-Fi” as part of your services to your customers then Freee’s venue platform has it all. Collect “likes” for your Facebook page and increase your store’s brand awareness via social networks. Learn more about your customers, what is their demographic decomposition, how often and when they are visiting you, and serve them with targeted email and coupon campaigns. Our CRM platform can help make marketing work for you. Through our robust analytics you can make business decisions and boost your business profitability by using our proprietary tools! Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, you can focus on running your business and let Freee help you put your wifi to work!

"Lets recap! Provide easy Guest Wi-Fi access, empower brand awareness, enhance social media presence, increase customer loyalty, offer targeted marketing, build qualified customer database and all that in a secure cloud environment."