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Advanced Provisioning

Relish in cutting-edge network prep using Layer 7 and above. We provide network users with access to a wealth of data and technological resources for enterprise-level WiFi network management. Freee’s WiFi suite is built to both communicate with, as well as control each ISP’s integrated billing system through a smoothly operating interface that can be easily managed from Human Resources and IT departments alike. Some of Freee’s amazing features include convenient customer activation and deactivation; uncomplicated ordering; handy stock management; improved network performance, and exhaustive network analytics.

Highest data capturing rate

Our state-of-the-art system, combined with our proprietary profiling technology facilitates the collection of a massive library of broad-ranging data that allows for a deeper understanding of customer demographics and preferences. A whopping 27-dimensional data is stored upon each user’s first network connection, while their individual database is updated with each of their subsequent connections to reflect the latest changes in their profiles. All collected data is automatically analyzed, grouped and visualized by our built-in analytics tools. What’s more, said data can further be exported for more profound analysis, as well as for use in the development of marketing strategies. Additionally, Freee’s highly skilled data analysts can review and visualize the collected data with the goal of making it readable by anyone, upon agreement.


Data offloading

We have developed a smart data offloading scheme which consists of:
a) Seamless Mac address connectivity with a one-tap login option.
Mac users need only register once, upon their first network connection, and Freee’s WiFi network suite advanced system will henceforth store their Mac address for immediate access during all future visits. For every following connection request, users will be able to either connect transparently, and instantly start offloading data, or go through with a one-tap login process, during which they’ll view a targeted advertisement. The latter process is a smart way to strengthen advertising efforts in your WiFi ecosystem, and boost your revenues in an indirect, yet incredibly effective manner.
b) SDK for Android and iOS mobile apps.
It takes just two lines of code to integrate Freee’s authentication within your app and as such automate connection to your WiFi network. This means that each user that has downloaded your app will be automatically reconnected to your network, each and every time they are found within your hotspot’s coverage.


A very deep analysis is provided for all levels

Campaigns: Advertisement analytics, cross checking with Google analytics, finance.

Hotspot: People count, returning users, demographics
iphone 2

Hardware: Network status, health, monitoring

Hotspot: People count, returning users, demographics


We offer what can be unanimously described at the best contextual ads on the market. We allow you to choose between 9 different ad types including, but not limited to, Google DFP connected ads; video ads; polls, and ad injections. Freee’s campaign management feature and leading ad-serving algorithm technology enable precise, location-based targeting, which can range from a single hotspot to multiple areas. What’s more, you are able to pinpoint your target group with increased specificity, customizing the age, gender, interests and language ad settings, and create different audiences for different ad campaigns.


Freee’s WiFi suite has successfully passed all security checklists set forth by major security companies from all across the globe. From the moment of accessing our hotspot 2.0 protocol, and throughout their web browsing journey, users are safe against any malicious acts that could potentially compromise their data. Freee’s WiFi suite’s HTTPS secure authentication and DNS content filtering are embedded in both its network or cloud-based version, maintaining an optimal level of security, at all times. Each hotspot connects to our DNS server and determines whether each and every website that each individual user is trying to access, at any given time, is blacklisted or not. Freee’s extensive website database is updated on an hourly basis, while it also enables Google Safe Search, too.


Cost effective

Enjoy great returns for your investment in Freee’s WiFi suite, through benefiting from an all-around well-established network solution supported by a large team of IT experts. Our offering is fully scalable and can be rolled out to multiple locations with great efficiency, with an indicative price per customer starting at just $10.