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Layer 7 and above. Controlling, communicating with the billing systems of an ISP. Features include activating, de-activating customers, ordering, stock management, network performance, sales analytics..

Highest data capturing rate

Our high end system and the profiling technology we developed guarantees collection of numerous data, specifically 27 dimensions at first and while end user is connecting again to the networks the system builds continuously a database under users profile. All data are analyzed, grouped and visualized by our analytics tools. All these are exportable and can be used for marketing and analytical purposes. Further they can be reviewed by our data analysts and provide infographic visualization so they can readable by everyone.


Data offloading

The smart data off loading we developed consists
A) Mac address seamless connectivity. The user needs to register only first time to the network, after that the systems remembers his mac address so next time he can either connect transparently to the Wi-Fi and start off loading data or he can have one tap process log in where he’ll be viewing a target advertisement.
B) SDK for mobile apps both android and iOS. With two lines of code you can intergrade our authentication system within your app. Meaning when user has downloaded the app and he is the hotspot coverage area he’ll be connect automatically to the Wi-Fi.


A very deep analysis is provided for all levels

Campaigns: Advertisement analytics, cross checking with Google analytics, finance.

Hotspot: People count, returning users, demographics
iphone 2

Hardware: Network status, health, monitoring

Hotspot: People count, returning users, demographics


Best in class multiple contextual ads. Choose from 9 different ad types including video, polls and ad injections, Google DFP connected. Campaign management, the ad serving algorithm technology can do very precisely targeting on location based: From a single hotspot to different areas. Demographic targeting: Pick the gender, the age, the interest, the language and create different audiences for any campaigns.


Highest industry security: From when the user journey stars to our hotspot 2.0 protocol, Https secure authentication, DNS content filtering provided both embedded in the network or cloud based. Content filtering: The hotspot connects to our DNS servers translating the address where the user wants to go and determines if the site is blacklisted or not. hourly updated data base with 2 billions sites included and 60 categories, Google safe search enabled. Penetration test: Passed all security checklists from the major security companies. Reports, certification available.


Cost effective

Analyzing each countries economy, spending power of end users, costs for the provider make Freee’s financial offering also scalable. A price indication is less than $5 per customer.