Freee, your wifi partner!

Creative alternative advertisement media

Enhance customers engagement over Wi-Fi and improve the advertizing experience

Wifi Network management

Help your customers create a fully branded splash portal, define dynamic portals and deliver an appealing login experience

Strong analytics.

Boost business performance through powerful analytics

The wifi ecosystem

Freee creates a win win wi-fi ecosystem coupled with advanced analytics for real time management. Freee's platform enables your customers to offer guest Wi-Fi access and be rewarded for it by leveraging numerous offerings. Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, social media and analytics applications, your customers can provide an engaging Wi-Fi experience.

Seamless user experience

Never been that easy to connect to Wi-Fi spot

Multiple login options:

  • Facebook
  • Gooogle
  • LinkedIn
  • VK
  • Password
  • Form
  • SMS

Metrics that count

Freee is committed on becoming the business partner you need for your promotion / marketing needs.
By offering your clients easy access to your WiFi network, Freee’s online platform gets “likes” for your Facebook page while increasing your store’s visibility. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, you can focus on your business and let Freee help you with your marketing.

Click Throw Rate (CTR)
Interaction Rate
Possitive User Experience
Targeted Ads

"If you can deal with a few seconds of advertisements this is such an amazing and easy way to connect to a free wifi hotspot!!! I actually didn't even mind the pop up cause the offers are pretty interesting! It's totally worth it to access the Internet this way and very efficient ! I spend two hours using a freee wifi hotspot at a cafe in my neighborhood easily and with no problems. "

John Papas

"I don't have a good data plan with my cell phone service provider so it was a great surprise to see how easily I was connected to the freee wifi hotspots! I watched a five second ad and was then able to get unlimited access to the Internet without affecting my data usage.. It's really free!"

George Dimitriou è

"I set up a freee wifi router in my store and has helped me understand my customers more and provide offers and discounts to them! The customers seem happy since they no longer require special user names and passwords..instead they can connect on their own simply by identifying one of their social media accounts! Their personal information remains protected throughout their use of this service! It's free, easy and the time is unlimited!."

Mary Grass

"Just got a buy one get one free discount in one of my favorite coffee shops because I have been using their freee wifi service! Not only did I get connected for free, I took advantage of the one of the offers they promote in the beginning just a few seconds before you are connected! "

Vlad Petrov

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